Bank Reconciliation 

This is the day to day work of a bookkeeper. Making sure that what you have spent and what you have sold are accounted for both in your accounts and in your bank account. 
Discrepancies in this area can cause no end of issues, not least with VAT payments and with "Making Tax Digital" on the way keeping everything up to date becomes even more important. 
Easily outsourced, this function will save you time while you concentrate on running your business. 

Reconciliation of bank accounts 

Checking the accounts and bank balances match up | Checking and the transactions have been included in the accounts | Matching and checking credit card transactions | Checking petty cash balance against transactions 
Our reconciliation services are bespoke to your requirements so feel free to call us on 01234 247507 or Email to discuss what it is that you need help with in your business. 


"Lucie has done an excellent job of organising my very disorganised book keeping and setting up systems for me to follow. Her work is diligent, accurate and extremely efficient. I highly recommend her services. Thank you, Lucie, for finding a way to keep my accounts in order (which, as you know is a job I hate!) and finding a system which works for me." 
Mandy Lazenby - Mandy's Memory Bears 
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