We’re all busy, so anything that can save us time is important. 
While modern bookkeeping software in the Cloud, like Xero, can make keeping financial records up to date much easier, there’s still the problem of all the paper invoices and receipts we have to deal with. 
Now there’s a solution. 
All you need is your mobile phone and an app called Receipt Bank. You can use your phone to read, track, and store those paper records in seconds. We like it so much we’re recommending it to our clients. 
What is Receipt Bank? 
Receipt Bank is an answer to your bookkeeping and data entry prayers, available as a mobile app and for your desktop PC
You can set up simple rules and Receipt Bank will capture your receipts and invoices, extract the data and load it into your accounting software. It will help you to track your business expenses and share them with your bookkeeper. You won’t have to key the information in yourself or keep your paper receipts anymore. 
Why Receipt Bank is good for your business 
Time - you will spend a lot less time dealing with administration, so you can spend more time developing your business. 
Accuracy - the information will be more accurate because you won’t have to manually enter each item. Let’s be honest, it’s not the most interesting part of your day and it’s easy for your attention to wander. 
Less filing - the digital capture tool allows data to be loaded into your bookkeeping systems instantly, so files of old receipts can become a thing of the past. 
Up to date - you will always have a clear picture of your business expenses, so you will know exactly what’s happening in your business. 
It’s easy to use 
You can photograph your receipts and invoices using your mobile phone. Receipt Bank will scan the photograph and extract your supplier’s name, the date, invoice number and any VAT amount. 
Everything is neatly joined together in the Cloud, so you can either save the information in your accounting software or download it to your desktop PC. 
It even stores your documents securely for seven years, in case HMRC ever have any questions. 
It really is that easy. If you think it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to tell you more. 
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