Signing in to online services using the Government Gateway gives you access to the full range of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) services, including: 
Gift Aid 
Managing Pension Schemes 
Money laundering supervision 
PAYE for employers 
Personal tax accounts 
There’s a full list of the services you can access on the government’s website
If you don’t already have an account, it’s easy to sign in and register. 
Here’s how you do it: 
Step 1: Go to HMRC’s login page. 
Use the green sign in button to start. 
the green sign-in button will het you started with your Government Gateway registration
Then select: 
Just use the create sign in details link to start your Government Gateway registration
Enter your email address when asked. 
A confirmation code with 12 numbers will then be sent to the email address you have provided. You will be told how to use this code to confirm your email address. 
Then you will be asked to give your full name and to set up a password. You will also set up a recovery word in case you forget your password. 
When you have added all your details you will be sent a User ID for your Government Gateway account. 
Save your User ID and keep a printed copy somewhere safe. 
If you lose this information you will need to apply to HMRC to recover it
Step 2: Verification 
Once you have your User ID you will be asked to confirm your full name, date of birth and National Insurance (NI) number. 
For verification, you will also be asked to provide additional confirmation of your identity such as information from your photo driving licence or your passport or multiple documents from your credit card or utility company, for example. 
You will also be asked to add another layer of security. 
If you choose the SMS security option an access code will be sent to your mobile phone number each time you login. 
When you enter your access code you might be asked to confirm your email address and add a code that is sent to that address. 
Step 3: Choose the type of account you need. 
You can now start to access your information online. 
You can select ‘individual information’ which includes your personal tax account, tax credits, Self Assessment and Child Benefits. 
‘Organisation’ refers to individual limited companies, partnerships, charities, trusts and estates. 
You will need your personal or company unique taxpayer reference (UTR) number provided by HMRC to access these services. 
Alternatively, an agent acting on your behalf such as your accountant, bookkeeper, or payroll bureau can add information for you. 
If entering your own information, provide the details requested by the system for the type of account you have chosen. 
Step 4: Adding services 
Once you have registered on the Government Gateway you can add other services: 
Corporation Tax 
Self Assessment, including partnerships and Trusts 
Employers or intermediaries, such as PAYE for employers or CIS 
Another VAT service, for example EC Sales 
Other taxes or schemes. 
If you would like any advice about registering or using the Government Gateway or you would like us to act as your agent, please get in touch. 
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