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There are some deadlines coming up this month you won’t want to miss. 

Benefits through payroll 

At the end of the tax year employers will normally need to submit a P11D form to HMRC for each employee that has received expenses or benefits through payroll or if HMRC asks them to submit a form. The form tells HMRC how much Class 1A National Insurance needs to be paid. The deadline for P11D form submissions is 6 July and payments must be made by 19 July. 

CJRS claims for June 

If you used the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) for employees that were on furlough during June, the last date you can make your claim is 14 July. If you underclaim for June and need to make an amendment this must be done before 28 July. 
You can claim for employees who were employed on 2 March 2021, as long as you have made a PAYE Real Time Information (RTI) submission to HMRC between 20 March 2020 and 2 March 2021. 

Electronic remittances 

Electronic payments to HMRC for pay as you earn (PAYE) tax, National Insurance contributions (NICs) and the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) for the quarter from 6 April to 5 July 2021, as well as Class 1A NIC owed on expenses or benefits, must be made by 22 July. 

Companies House 

The automatic extension to filing deadlines during the pandemic came to an end on 5 April. If your accounting period ended on 31 October 2020 the deadline for filing your accounts with Companies House is 31 July. However, if you need more time to file your accounts, you can apply before your filing deadline for a three-month extension, although you will need to explain why you need more time. 
Mortgage and consumer credit holidays 
If you applied for payment deferrals for up to six months on your mortgage or credit arrangements for personal loans, credit cards, car finance, rent-to-own, buy-now-pay-later or pawnbroking, this will come to an end on 31 July. 
These deferred payments won’t show in your credit records although your ability to access credit in future might be affected. You should be told if this happens. 
If you have used your overdraft arrangement you might still be able to ask for interest to be waived, to agree staged reductions in your overdraft limit, or to transfer the debt to an alternative credit arrangement. 

Payments on account 

Although payments on account for your self-assessment tax return were deferred in July last year, this year they will be due as normal on or before 31 July. 
Please get in touch if you would like to discuss anything about your business finances or personal tax. 
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