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Declutter your business with a good book keeper
It used to be called ‘tidying up’, but now ‘decluttering’ has become a lifestyle choice. 
The main aim is to simplify your life, and that’s good for everyone. 
Working with a good bookkeeper can do the same for your business. Here are just some of the benefits of decluttering your business with the help of a good bookkeeper
1. Enjoy what you do 
Small business owners are lucky enough to make their living doing what they enjoy. Very few would say that the weekly, or even daily, process of checking payments and recording expenses is what motivates them. In contrast, a good bookkeeper really does enjoy working with figures and making sure everything adds up. That’s why they do it so well and so quickly. 
2. Keep up to date 
We are all much more likely to put off doing the things we don’t enjoy. Payments and receipts can stack up. Soon VAT and tax deadlines are looming and there’s a huge backlog to deal with. Cashflow, funding and bureaucracy are amongst the top challenges small business owners face. A bookkeeper will keep your records organised and up to date. You can even have regular reports so that you know exactly what’s happening. 
3. Use your time well 
If working with figures isn’t part of your daily work, then dealing with your company accounts will probably be a slow and tedious process for you. It’s easy to file and record things in the wrong places and then waste more time and effort looking for them. You could even duplicate records and processes if you don’t have systems to make sure tthe figures you need are in the right place at the right time. 
A bookkeeper knows how hard your financial figures will need to work for you throughout the year and will make sure that everything is organised to minimise effort at every stage. 
4. Have space to think 
Do you find you’re carrying a lot of information around in your head about costs, plans payments and invoices? You’ve got plenty of other things to think about. With the help of a bookkeeper and some clever Cloud-based software you can see all that information at anytime and anywhere. 
You can declutter your brain and have access to well-organised information. Regular reports will also help you make important decisions about growth and investment in your business, for example. 
5. And relax…. 
As your business grows so does the amount of financial information you need to manage. The risks of making mistakes can also grow. There will always be concerns that your tax and VAT returns could be inaccurate and that a large bill could be just around the corner. 
On the other hand, accurate financial records will give your accountants all the information they need to advise you about effective tax planning and business management. 
Getting started is easy 
Getting started with a bookkeeper is quite straightforward and you will see the difference straight away. With the latest Cloud-based software, you can link directly with your bank accounts, store receipts and generate invoices. 
Your bank statements will be regularly reconciled so you can see at a glance what you need to spend and which invoices are overdue. 
If you would like to know how it feels to live without spreadsheets, paper statements and stacks of receipts we would be happy to tell you more
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